Animal Welfare

At the University of Toronto, animals are recognized as creatures of great intrinsic value, remarkable complexity and inherent dignity. Animals are used in research only when necessary. In accordance with federally mandated standards and provincial legislation, DCM’s professional staff works in partnership with researchers to ensure that no animals experience unnecessary pain or distress. In keeping with its mission, DCM is proud to affirm that the University of Toronto’s world leading achievements in science are attained through application of the highest standard of animal welfare.

The Research Oversight and Compliance Office (ROCO), within the Vice President Research and Innovation Office, works with investigative staff to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines as well as University policy. ROCO works with all stakeholders in its role including federal and provincial regulators of animal care. Through its various programs and representation on Local Animal Care Committees, ROCO works to engender the highest standard of animal welfare University-wide.           

Image: mouse