You can be assured of receiving animals of known health status by ordering animals from established commercial suppliers. Some suppliers offer animals of various health status depending on the nature of the barrier in which they were raised (e.g. viral antibody free, Elite*, germ-free).

Most large commercial suppliers of mice now offer outbred stocks, inbred strains, immunodeficient strains, genetically modified strains and some offer humanized mouse models as well as germ-free mice. Mouse models may also be generated based on your gene or construct of interest. Let us know if you have any questions on determining the right model for you.

As for all animal orders, please ensure that the stock or strain of mouse you wish to use is included in your approved Animal Use Protocol before placing your order with DCM.       

Main Suppliers

Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs
Canadian Supplier:  Charles River Laboratories*  
American Suppliers:  Envigo, Taconic, Jackson Laboratory, Charles River Laboratories*  

Canadian Supplier:  VWR