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Division of Comparative Medicine

At the University of Toronto, animals are recognized as creatures of great intrinsic value, remarkable complexity and inherent dignity.  The Division of Comparative Medicine is proud to affirm that the University of Toronto’s world leading achievements in science are attained through application of the highest standard of animal welfare.


The Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) administers the animal care program for the Faculty of Medicine.

To fulfill its mandate, DCM must achieve a high standard of animal care to retain a certificate of Good Animal Practice® with the Canadian Council on Animal Care as well as a provincial license to operate with OMAFRA.

DCM also supports the research endeavor by providing consulting, surgical and technical assistance on in-vivo projects, delivering a training program, and managing the physical plant and equipment of the Faculty’s vivaria.  Read more


  • To provide an excellent animal care program built on professional dedication to animal welfare  

  • To support the research endeavor by serving as an important resource of in-vivo expertise and best practices