DCM offers considerable expertise, equipment and specialized space to support your in-vivo projects. Collectively, DCM’s management team offers over 100 years of experience in the field of lab animal science, medicine and surgery. We can provide consulting, surgical or technical support and welcome collaboration with you in all phases of your project from development to implementation. 

Equipment and specialized space supports work requiring CL2 or CL3 containment, use of high hazard chemicals or radioisotopes or work with a germfree, ex-germfree or gnotobiotic mouse model.   DCM also offers a wide range of imaging modalities. DCM’s professional staff can provide you with training to execute your project yourself or can do the work for you.  

DCM’s accredited and licensed facilities include a full complement of housing, procedural, surgical, laboratory, necropsy and cage processing space. DCM’s professional staff is available to provide you with a full range of technical support to your projects, from day-to-day maintenance of mouse colonies to intensive management and performance of all animal work as designed by you or in collaboration with our management team.  

A list of services includes (but is not limited to):

Consulting on model selection & development, experimental design, protocol review, biomethodology, anesthesia and analgesia, experimental surgery

Surgical modeling & assistance, anesthesiology, sterilization, instrumentation, and equipment

Blood and tissue sampling, administration of compounds via various routes,  colony management, identification, tissue collection, supportive care, health assessment and monitoring

Biomethodology, anesthesiology, surgery, biosafety including CL2 and CL3 practices, chemical safety, ethics & regulatory framework, environmental variables with impact on research

X-ray, bioluminescent, fluorescent modalities with DEXA and bone density testing

Clinical assessment, necropsy, clinical pathology (hematology and clinical chemistry, urinalysis), histopathology, detection of commensals or pathogens via serology, PCR

Chemical hazards and radioisotopes

Supports your work with a wide variety of chemical hazards (e.g. tamoxifen, BrDU, chemotherapeutics), alpha and beta emitters

Supports your in-vivo project using RG2 and 3 pathogens

Full service support to your germfree, ex-germfree or gnotobiotic project