Containment Level 2 Biosafety Module

image: biohazard symbol


This module provides a comprehensive practical review of precautionary measures and safe work practices required for projects which include use of risk group 2 hazards in animal models. Species-specific training is a prerequisite as is the theory-based course(s) on working with biological hazards provided by Environmental Health and Safety. The DCM containment level 2 biosafety module is offered on an as needed basis throughout the year. Obtain form for registration.

Prerequisites to work with risk group 2 biological hazards

  • Animal use protocol
  • N95 respiratory fit test
  • EHS training
  • Valid biosafety permit
  • Species-specific biomethodology
  • SOP review
  • DCM notification

Working with biological hazards

  • Signage
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Biological safety cabinet preparation
  • Necessary supplies
  • Booking
  • Waste disposal
  • Clean-up agents
  • Spills
  • Moving cages between rooms