Facilities and Equipment

Image: Lab Equipment

DCM’s accredited and licensed facilities have a footprint of over 60,000 ft² and include a full complement of housing, procedural, surgical, laboratory, necropsy and cage processing space. Equipment and specialized space supports work requiring CL2 or CL3 containment, germ free or gnotobiotic mouse models, SPF+ bioexclusion as well as use of high hazard chemicals or radioisotopes. DCM also hosts a wide range of imaging modalities and a behavioural phenotyping core.

DCM’s professional staff is available to provide you with a full range of technical support to your projects, from day-to-day maintenance of mouse colonies to intensive management and performance of all animal work as designed by you or in collaboration with our management team.   

Caging for work with RG2 and 3 infectious agents and in-vivo level 2 and level 3 containment space

Caging and equipment for germ-free and gnotobiotic work

x-ray, bioluminescent, fluorescent, radioisotope with bone density testing featuring Bruker Xtreme and IVIS Spectrum instruments professionally managed by CFI-3D facility offering full image analysis 

Mouse behavioural phenotyping core

Touch screen operant testing, acoustic startle response, locomotor activity monitoring, Morris water maze, ultrasonic vocalization recording, rotarod, treadmill, elevated plus maze, open field.

Metabolic caging

SPF+ bioexclusion/barriers

Chemical, biological, radioisotope equipment and support space