Animal Use Protocol Questions

Does every single procedure I’m doing need to be reviewed?

If it is performed on a live animal, yes. Federal guidelines and provincial legislation requires that all procedures for which animals are used in research or teaching is subject to ethical review before the work begins. 

How do I apply for review of my protocol?

Animal Use Protocols can be submitted electronically through the My Research (MR) portal. If you need to request access to My Research, contact the RAISE helpdesk.     

Do I have to renew my protocol every year?

Yes. The Canadian Council on Animal Care mandates yearly review of Animal Use Protocols by local Animal Care Committees in their Terms of Reference.    

I think one of the drugs I need for my work is a controlled substance, how do I order it?

Commonly used controlled substances include buprenorphine and ketamine. They are used as part of a balanced anesthetic plan. If your protocol contains any controlled substances, contact us to determine if you must apply for an exemption from Health Canada to use and store the drug for scientific purposes.