Standard Operating Procedures

​Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provide a detailed, step-by-step description of how to use equipment commonly found in animal facilities or how to perform common experimental techniques and husbandry procedures. SOPs form the basis of DCM’s training programs and the operation of the facilities they administer.

All SOPs relevant to your project description must be included in animal use protocols. SOPs are generally drafted by DCM’s professional staff and approved by the local Animal Care Committee. SOPs may also be developed or adapted by the Office of Research Oversight and Compliance for University-wide application. Adherence to SOPs ensures compliance with institutional best practices as well as regulatory standards on animal care. As SOPs are often updated, please ensure that you are working from the most recent version, hard copies may be outdated.

A comprehensive list of SOPs can be found on-site in either of DCM’s administered facilities or on-line at the University of Toronto’s Research and Innovation website.